System Requirements - Exchange Synchronizer EWS for Visma CRM

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To be able to use the Exchange Synchronizer EWS for Visma CRM, you have to meet the following requirements:

**NOTE** The Exchange Synchronizer EWS for Visma Business will be End Of Life as of 31-12-2021**

Microsoft Exchange:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 (or higher)
  • Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365)

Visma Business:

  • Visma CRM 9.00
  • Visma CRM 10.00
  • Visma CRM 11.00
  • Visma CRM 12.00
  • Visma CRM 13.00
  • Visma CRM 13.10
  • Sales business Component COM Object

Operating Systems / Database platforms:

Please refer to the following url for details regarding supported operating systems and database platforms:

Other requirements:

  • One Domain user with a mailbox and Full Mailbox access rights (impersonation or delegation) on mailboxes
  • Windows Management Framework 3.0. When the option 'Exchange Remote Management Interface' for alias resolving is used, this needs to be installed on the Synchronizer Server. Reboot required after installation.


The following components are used by the Exchange Synchronizer EWS for Visma Business: