How to manually add the DataDirector Sentry plugin to a SuperOffice Web installation

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To be able to use DataDirector in a SuperOffice Web environment, the web.config must be modified with an extra entry pointing to the DataDirector Sentry DLL file. Normally, this is done by the DataDirector Configurator, but you might also do it manually.

Coincidentally, it is also good to know where the reference needs to be. For instance, in case of troubleshooting, like not being able to login to SuperOffice Web when DataDirector is being used.

How to:

  • Open the web.config file for the corresponding SuperOffice Web environment with a text editor
  • Scroll down until you see <Factory>, <DynamicLoad>

The entry for loading the DLL should be declared in this section. Scroll down a little bit more and you will notice a seperate section for adding custom plugins (check the yellow section in the screenshot below).

In this section you will have to add the following line:

  • <add key="SentryPlugin" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoBridge\DataDirector\InfoBridge.DataDirector.Sentries.NS.dll" />

Note: Change the path to the correct path if you have installed DataDirector in another location than default.