How to schedule import/export files with Nebula DataBridge

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Follow this KB article if you would like to know how to schedule jobs using Nebula DataBridge. Scheduling is exceptionally useful as our service will be doing all the hard work for you, during evening hours or weekends.

ERP Systems often export data using scheduled tasks, we think scheduling & automation are essential for a service like Nebula DataBridge.

How to:


  • In your Profile go to the Profile Settings section
  • Select the the scheduling method (Manual, Scheduled or Triggered), in this case Scheduled
  • Choose when you want the job to run and save your settings (Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
  • We choose the latest addition, hourly
  • You can make a choice to schedule the job to run every x-hours
  • You can also set a time frame in between which the jobs will be executed
  • You can even include or exclude days and fill in a start date