Add new import items to a SuperOffice selection

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With Nebula DataBridge, you are able to let DataBridge create new selections for your import items.  

How to:

In the Destination settings there is an option for each entity you import which is called "Add new [entity name] to selection". 

When the job has been completed, DataBridge will create new selections and name them accordingly, for instance:

  • For company import jobs: DataBridge [run date of the job] new Company 
  • For Persons import jobs: DataBridge [run date of the job] new Person
  • For Sale import jobs: DataBridge [run date of the job] new Sale


Besides this option of adding new records to a SuperOffice selection there is a second option, "Add updated persons to selection".

This option will automatically add updated records (Companies, persones, etc) to a SuperOffice selection on every import run.
For an import with companies the name of this selection will be DataBridge [run date of the job] updated Company

Why create these Selections

In case of a wrong import this will give you the option to quickly find the records of this import in the selection. This selection can be deleted. See this article for more information.