Top tip: How the Nebula Synchronizer handles Meetings

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Written by Thomas Speekenbrink


The Nebula Synchronizer differentiates between a common appointment and a (group) meeting. But what differentiates the two types of appointment? And how does the Nebula Synchronizer handles a meeting differently to a common appointment?

Top tip:

First, let's explain what happens in a normal situation. An appointment is created and synced, information added to either side will be synchronized (two way sync).

But what happens when I invite someone?

When you invite a person to a normal appointment, the type changes from appointment to a (group) meeting. Meetings are handled somewhat differently by the Nebula Synchronizer.

Whenever an appointment changes into a meeting, the meeting must then always be changed in the system that the person(s) was/were invited with. So if you invite someone in Outlook, you must always add/edit the meeting from Outlook. Adding or changing the meeting in SuperOffice will revert the changes (!). This is working as intended.

This behaviour works both ways, inviting someone from SuperOffice implies that adding/changing the meeting must always be done from SuperOffice. Adding or changing informating in Outlook or Google will revert the changes.