How to remove records after an import

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Is it possible to remove records from an import?


How to:

Yes this is possible. In the Profile settings you can choose to add new companies, contacts and sales to SuperOffice selections. 

When the job has run, DataBridge will create new selections and name them accordingly:

  • For company import jobs: DataBridge [run date of the job] new Company
  • For Persons import jobs: DataBridge [run date of the job] new Person
  • For Sale import jobs: DataBridge [run date of the job] new Sale


In case of a wrong import you can go to the SuperOffice selection. Click on Task and select Delete Companies.


 A warning will be shown, click Yes to continue


Because the deletion cannot be undone you will be asked to re-confirm that you want to delete the selected records from the database.

After clicking Yes the records from the import job have been removed from the SuperOffice database.