Top tip: Why does the Exchange Synchronizer need a SuperOffice Windows license?

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We often receive the question why the Exchange Online Synchronizer (and some other products) need a SuperOffice Windows license to operate correctly.


SuperOffice is setup in such a way, that we need to re-use parts of the SuperOffice Windows client, to retrieve certain information. Without the SuperOffice Windows client, we would be unable to communicate with the SuperOffice database in an orderly fashion.

Elements like creating (custom) tables the correct way (including updating the Dictionary), retrieving the SuperOffice serial number, registering the product, etc are all operations where the SuperOffice Windows client is essential.

With this requirement, we must also take into account the requirements for the SuperOffice Windows client when installing some of our modules (like access to the SO_ARC & a correct ODBC connection).

This also explains why you need a seperate server if you need another Synchronizer instance which talks to another SuperOffice Database, as the SuperOffice Windows client is only able to talk to one database at a time.

Please take this into account when planning/implementing SuperOffice installations where only SuperOffice Web is installed/implemented.