Top tip: Is it possible to import SuperOffice Online interests with the Nebula DataBridge?

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We often receive the question if it's possibel to use the Nebula DataBridge for importing interests. Is it possible to import Interests into SuperOffice CRM Online?


Yes, this is possible with the Nebula DataBridge.

Interests are selectable when defining the fields within DataBridge. The actual names are retrieved from your SuperOffice environment, so there is no doubt when selecting them from Companies/Persons in the "Configure Fields" step.

Use these (boolean) values to switch them either on or off.

Accepted values for enabling interests:

  • 1
  • yes
  • ja
  • true
  • x

Values for disabling interests:

  • 0
  • no
  • nee
  • false
  • "" (leaving it empty)