How to add a Subscription to your Nebula Synchronizer environment

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The Nebula Synchronizer needs two elements to operate successfully:

  1. A valid subscription
  2. A synchronization profile with a mapped user(s)

Follow this KB article to add a subscription to your Nebula Synchronizer environment.

How to:

  • Log into the Nebula Dashboard as an administrator
  • Click Account in the top right corner
  • Choose a pricing plan in the dropdownlist
  • Optional: Enable Fast Sync if desired

Fast Sync enables a sync interval between 3-5 minutes (please note that we are dependant on several external services, so we cannot always guarantee this timeframe). The normal synchronization interval is 15 minutes.

  • Optional: Fill in a coupon code if you have received a code

  • If you have chosen the desired Pricing plan and the optional Fast Sync, continue the creation by clicking on the Change button

  • Fill in all the fields which appear now
  • Please make sure that all information is correct

For Swedish companies, please enter your VAT number in this format (more info): 12 digits, of which the last two are most often 01 e.g. SE999999999901.

If you would like to pay using Manual Invoicing, please click the link: "Click here if you are unable to pay by credit card" as can be seen below.

  • If you agree with our terms, then please click the Create Subscription button and the subscription will be created.

If you have questions during the creation of the subscription, please use the LiveChat feature by clicking on the Ask a Question in the bottom right corner.