Top tip: Understanding the Nebula Synchronizer setup

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We receive a lot of questions about the setup procedure for the Nebula Synchronizer. In this Knowledge Base article I will explain common terms and what they are about.


Linking yourself when you are the SuperOffice Admin

When you are the SuperOffice Admin, you are also the only person who is able to perform the signup for the Nebula Synchronizer environment. Often you also use SuperOffice, and linking your own account is therefore a common sight.

A working synchronization profile with at least 1 linked user is necessary for successfull syncing. When setting up a Sync Profile, you usually fill in your own credentials. But when linking yourself, you need to fill them in again. It might be a bit confusing at first, but I will explain the situation.

What is a Sync Profile?

A Sync Profile is a collection of linked users who use the same email system. Usually a company has 1 email system, and in such cases also 1 sync profile is needed. If a company has multiple email systems, like Office 365 and a handful of G Suite users, then the company would need 2 sync profiles.

Why is authentication needed in a Sync Profile?

When setting up a sync profile, you will have to enter your credentials. But what are they used for? The credentials which you fill in are used for linking the users. If we want to see who all the SuperOffice users are, we need authentication on that platform. Also, if we need to see who a valid mailbox has, we also need access to that system.

So the authentication which is filled in on the beginning of the sync profile, is only used for configuration of the sync profile. Without this information, we would be unable to find out which user need to be linked to which user.

Do we need a designated "SyncUser" like we needed for the OnPremise Exchange / Google (Online) Synchronizer?

Short answer: no. The Nebula Synchronizer impersonates every linked user seperately. So therefore, there is no need to have a single SyncUser with Impersonation or Delegation rights on your email platform anymore.

This is also the answer why you, as the SuperOffice admin, have to do the authentication for Nebula "twice". The first time for configuration of the sync profile and the second time, for activating your own Synchronizer account.

Can users still have their own settings or do we need a seperate Sync Profile for seperate users?

The Nebula Synchronizer is very flexible and allows you, as the admin, to enforce / override settings or let everyone determine their own settings. Each user is (by default) able to change his/her own settings as they please, simply by just logging in and clicking the Edit Preferences button.