Using your Google account in Outlook when using the Google Synchronizer

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There are different ways to use a Google account and using Microsoft Outlook is one of them. But is using Outlook supported when using the Google Synchronizer?


Microsoft Outlook is a valuable and strong tool to manage your email and calendar. Normally, Outlook is used in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange, which is a perfect combination. But Outlook also has support for other email protocols, which enables you to add other types of email accounts.

When configuring a Google account into Outlook, you must fall back on other protocols, like IMAP or POP3. While this is ok for email synchronization, it is a problem for calendar synchronization.


The reason behind it, is that the IMAP/POP3 protocols don't have any support for calendar synchronization. This means that whenever you create an appointment in Outlook, it will stay in Outlook, as the protocol is not able to communicate this back to the Google servers. In other words, the Google Synchronizer will not be able to pick up these changes.

The solution:

The best way to experience Google Products is by using your browser, preferably Google Chrome of course.

This way, the Google Synchronizer is able to synchronize your Google calendar with your SuperOffice environment without issue.