How to perform a conversion from the V2 sync to the Exchange Online Synchronizer (EWS) when using Ranks

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When you have multiple Exchange servers (or a lot of users) and therefore are using the Synchronizer V2 version with Ranks, you might ask yourself how to convert the multiple ranks.

We have a new converter available to safely convert each rank to the Exchange Online environment.

How to:

First: You have to use the converter version or newer.

The converter needs to be started with an extra parameter in the target line of the shortcut properties: /S<Rank No>

e.g.: "C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoBridge\Exchange Online Synchronizer\Converter\InfoBridge.Exchange.Synchronizer.Converter.exe" /S1

First job is to run the Backup and Conversion part for each rank

Once all ranks have been backed up and converted you can run the Export option. This has to be done one by one as well.