How to solve the "Invalid scale value" error when using DataSynchronizer

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When you run your solution with DataSynchronizer, you might receive an error like:

1: In element: Company on record: 0 last known primary keys: (,,,, message: Database error: ERROR [HY104] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid scale value

Follow this KB article to solve this error message.

How to:

The error message shows 2 important things,

1) The ODBC driver which is being used on the server is off the wrong type and should be corrected.

The error message shows that the SQL Server Driver is being used instead. This is an old version which is only used for older SQL versions and talks an "older language" so to speak.

Solution: Change the ODBC connection on the server to SQL Native Client Driver 10.0 (or higher).

2) The solution might be "out of date" and needs to be updated

If changes are applied to the UDEF fields (any change!), then the solution must always be updated. Follow this KB article to solve this step.


If both points have been solved, then try to run your solution again.