Which SuperOffice CRM Online contact fields are synchronized

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With the Nebula Synchronizer it is possible to synchronize contacts from SuperOffice CRM Online to your Outlook or Google contacts.

The synchronization of contacts is one-way only, from SuperOffice CRM Online.
So when you edit the contact details in your phone for instance, these changes will be reverted by the Synchronizer. 

To understand which fields we synchronize and cannot be changed outside SuperOffice CRM Online we have created the following list. 


SuperOffice field Microsoft Exchange Google
User defined fields / Title Job title Custom field: Job title
Mr/Mrs Title Custom field: Salutation
First name First name First name
Middle name (if configured) Middle name (prefix for last name)
Last name Last name Last name
Birthdate Birthday Birthday
Company name of person Company Company name
Company department of person Department Company department
Person image Person image Person image
Configurable category in Nebula Sync (default: SuperOffice Person) Categories -
Company visit address Business address Work address
Company postal address Other address Work address
Person private address Home address Home address
Address line 1, 2, 3 Street Street
City City City
Country Country Country
County - Subregion
State State Region
Zipcode PostalCode Postcode
First person email address Email 1 Work email 1
Second person email address Email 2 Work email 2
Third person email addresses Email 3 Work email 3
Person direct phone or first company phone, depending on configuration Business phone 1 Work phone
Person direct phone or first company phone, depending on configuration Business phone 2 Work phone
Mobile phone Mobile phone Mobile work phone
Private phone Home phone Home phone
Other phone Other phone Other phone
Private fax Home fax Private fax
Company fax Business fax Work fax
Personal web site - Work website
Company web site Business home page Work Website