Why do we need to delete the Journal & ICS files so often?

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When using the Exchange / Outlook Synchronizer v2, you might encounter one way sync every now and then. We will ask you to stop the Synchronizer and delete the journal / ICS files. But why is this needed & why does this happen?


The Exchange / Outlook v2 Synchronizer use MAPI technology for synchronization. Whilst it covers the functionality for synchronization, there are situations where corruption in the journal / ics files will occur.

In the past we have tried to solve this behaviour with the help of Microsoft Support, but even they were unable to solve this behaviour. For now MAPI has been phased out & replaced by the much more stable EWS based Synchronizer, which uses the more robust (and future proof) Exchange Web Services communication foundation.

Our advice is to upgrade to the EWS Synchronizer when using Exchange 2010 or newer. You will need to upgrade if you are using Office 365, there is no other solution in that case.

Unfortunately, this might happen more often for some customers then other customers when using the v2 Synchronizer.