Import project members

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Importing Project members is now possible with DataBridge

How to:

The following Project member fields can be mapped:

  • Person ID
  • Project ID
  • Comment
  • -Helper-
  • Function

NOTE: When you import Project Members without 'Comment' or 'Function' a dummy field must be linked.

Why is this:

Project Member is slightly different than the other SuperOffice entities. This is because strictly speaking it is not a real entity. It is a link table between Project and Person.

When you have a Project and a Person in one line in the import file, you can make this person a projectmember. To do so you have to at least link one field of the Project member fields.
The -Helper- field comes in handy here. Because Project member is a link tabel you do not always have to link fields of a project member. But you do have to indicate that it is a project member. If you do not have the Comment or the Function field you can link any random column to -Helper-. This field has no function except to tell DataBridge: this is a project member.


Below are 2 examples. One where the Function field is filled in and another which is empty. In this last example the -Helper- needs to be filled in.