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Every night at 2.00 AM the internal House Keeping module is started by the Synchronizer. This
house keeping function will analyze all recurring appointments and if necessary recurring
appointments within the range will be added to SuperOffice.

How to

The Synchronizer is event driven, this means that as soon as a new record is added in
Exchange, like a recurring appointment, the Synchronizer will process the recurring

For example: A new recurring appointment on each Monday with the flag never ending. As
soon when this event is reached by the Synchronizer, the Synchronizer will add the
appointment to the SuperOffice calendar, but only for the time period specified in the
Synchronizer Admin (Follow-up filter settings). The never ending option is not available in

When time progresses no event is fired by Exchange but the created Exchange appointment
has the flag never ending so the house keeping module will add the appointment to
SuperOffice as soon as the certain date is reached. The house keeping module will also remove
unneeded contacts if necessary, meaning when no appointments with related companies falls
within the synchronization range.