How to install and use Nebula Google Places

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Nebula Google Places enables you to search places and auto-fill company details.

Get data from the same database used by Google Maps. Google Places features more than 100 million businesses that are updated frequently through owner-verified listings and user-moderated contributions.

Note that your SuperOffice Administrator will need to sign-up for Nebula Google Places before you can use it. Sign up here:

How to:

Nebula Google Places is a Google Chrome extension, and can only be used in a Google Chrome browser.
Before you can use Nebula Google Places, you need to install it.



Open up Google Chrome and go to:

Step 2

When a window has opened up, click the button “add to Chrome”


Step 3

A small window will open with a request for some permissions that Nebula Google Places needs. If you agree with the requests you can click “add extension”. If you don’t agree, you cannot use the Nebula Google Places.


Step 4

You will receive a notification that Nebula Google Places has been added to Chrome browser. You can start using Nebula Google Places!

Note: if you are a SuperOffice CRM On-premise customer, we need some connection settings and your SuperOffice CRM hostname before you can use Nebula Google Places. Inform your SuperOffice Admin who created your Nebula Google Places account to go to to provide the settings. Please visit this article for more information

Step 5 (only if you have a blocking firewall in place)

If you can not connect and have to gain access in your firewall please open your firewall.
Google Places use the following ipaddresses to work:



Step 1

Go to SuperOffice CRM, or if you are already in SuperOffice CRM please refresh. Create a new company card and select the country where the company is located that you want to add. It is important that you first select the correct country, because you will only see results from within the country that is selected.


Step 2

Start typing the company name. You will see a small window appear underneath the company name. These are search results that are found on the company name you typed. Once you see the correct company name, you can select the company. The available information will be filled in automatically.

When your card is ready you can save it and you have added a new company card.