How to deal with a companyname change.

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When your company name is changing most likely your emailaccounts are changing too. The Nebula Synchronizer will continue to synchronize but the users cannot login anymore with their new email address because it is not known in the Nebula Synchronizer. So when their password expires in Exchange they cannot change it. Personal settings can also not be changed by the users. To solve this users need to be re-linked in the Nebula Synchronizer.

Removing a user will also remove their Sync history. This means that when a user is re-linked the Nebula Synchronizer is not aware anymore of already synchronized appointments. This will lead to duplicates. The following steps must been taken to let users sync the new SuperOffice emailaddress with their external emailaccount.

  1. Delete the linked users in Mappings. The users are soft-deleted and still available in the background. Notify InfoBridge Support to fully delete the users.
  2. To avoid duplicates all users have to clean their contacts, appointments and tasks. See our Knowledgebase articel how to do this.
    For Outlook
    For Google
  3. Contact InfoBridge support to change the Nebula admin contact and emailaddress in Nebula Synchronizer and to change the companyname.
  4. Link the users with their nieuw emailaddresses available in SuperOffice.