Nebula: Clean Google calendar

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There are two methods of cleaning a calendar:

  1. For users that work mainly in the SuperOffice CRM Online calendar it’s easier to clean the Google calendar.
  2. For users that work mainly in the Google calendar it’s better start the synchronizer and clean-up the duplicates afterwards.

How to:

Cleaning calendar in Google

Calendar clean-up for users that use SuperOffice CRM Online as primary calendar system.
Don’t follow these steps if you primary use Google Calendar for your appointments or if you have a lot of Google Meetings (with invited participants).

  • Make sure that the Nebula Synchronizer is disabled. Either Disable the profile or the user(s)
  • Open Google Calendar.
  • In the top right, choose the view "Schedule"
  • Google does not support Labelling or Categorizing appointments. There is no easy way to filter or sort the appointments coming from SuperOffice. The appointments coming from SuperOffice do follow a specific format so you can determine these appointments. You have to delete these appointments manually.

Cleaning Tasks in Google

Cleaning tasks works in the same way as with the calendar.

  • Open Google Tasks Canvas to get a full screen task view.
  • Sort the tasks in such a way that all SuperOffice Task can be deleted.

Cleaning contacts in Google

Cleaning up contacts is easier, as contacts are synchronized only from SuperOffice to Google and not the other way around (One Way synchronization). 

  • Open Contacts in Google
  • Look for the SuperOffice contact group in the left column (the group name is specified in users personal Nebula Preferences.
  • Delete this contact group with all contacts.