Setup Nebula Google Places for SuperOffice CRM on-premise

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This article is only for SuperOffice CRM Onsite customers who want to use Nebula Google Places. SuperOffice Online customers can immediately use the extension after registration.

For SuperOffice CRM On-Premise, connection settings need to be filled in and we need you to fill in your SuperOffice CRM Web Hostname.

How to:

The SuperOffice Admin who created the Nebula Google Places account needs to go to to provide the settings.

In the overview page click on the link in the SuperOffice CRM Hostname section to go to the setup connection page.



We need to connect to your SuperOffice On-Premises Netserver in order to validate your environment. Please note that you need to enter your 8.1 endpoint, for example: ''. 
Preferable the user for connecting to SuperOffice is a system user, which can be created in the SuperOffice Admin interface.


Make sure that you fill in your SuperOffice CRM Web hostname which is required for licensing.
We expect that your hostname starts with http:// or https://, for example:

To find your hostname you can take a look at the example below