Text disappeared from appointment

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We recently had a case where the Synchronizer removed the text from appointments.

How did this happen?
Well it was due to very specific chain of events and after the Synchronizer was turned off for a longer period.

How to reproduce

  1. Make sure the Synchronizer is running
  2. Create a new appointment in SuperOffice without any text. Also the alarm needs to be set. (If you want to recreate it for testing, set the alarm in the past so you will get the warning in Outlook straight away)
  3. At this point stop the Synchronizer
  4. Now start creating new appointments in SuperOffice, something like 20 or 30 appointments
  5. Open the test appointment (from step 2) and add text, save
  6. Dismiss the alarm in Outlook (If you did not get a pop-up you can also open the Outlook appointment and set to alarm to 'none')
  7. Start the Synchronizer again
  8. After it is ready updating notice that the text from the appointment is gone


The only option we can offer to avoid this is to turn off the alarm option in the Synchronizer admin