When a change occurs in SuperOffice send changed information to back-office

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In certain business cases, it is required when updates are being made in SuperOffice CRM, that these changes need to be instantly transferred to the back-office system. This article describes how to realize this with SuperOffice CRM script and the use of the triggering functionality of Nebula DataBridge.

In this how-to article, we are describing the functionality, which, when an existing SuperOffice company card with the category Prospect is changed to the category Customer, makes sure that the updated company card is being sent to the back-office system. The changed company card information is stored in a dropbox folder. 

Intended Audience

This article is intended for persons who are familiar with SuperOffice CRM, who have some experience with generic scripting and who have SuperOffice Admin rights.


The following prerequisites are required before you follow the steps below.

  1. A (demo) subscription of Nebula DataBridge, to sign-up, follow this url: https://my-databridge.infobridgeuniverse.com/Account/SignUp
  2. A SuperOffice selection with no selection members of the type Static or Dynamic of the SuperOffice entity type you want to create the trigger on *)
  3. SuperOffice CRM login name with administrator rights
  4. The SuperOffice system license for SuperOffice Expander Services **)
  5. A cloud storage provider, like Dropbox, Microsoft One-Drive, Google Drive or an FTP server.
  6. The unique database value of the category with the name Customer, see retrieve unique database values, more info

*) To make the selection of fields you want to export as easy as possible, Nebula DataBridge uses the selection functionality to access all the available fields of the selection type you create.
To create a SuperOffice selection with no members of the Contact entity type.

  1. In SuperOffice, click the button Selection
  2. Click in the toolbar the New button
  3. Selection name: * DB - Template | Company / Contact
  4. Choose in the drop down 'Selection of:' Companies/Contact
  5. Press the Save button

**) For Nebula DataBridge there is no need for the SuperOffice Expander Services, however, if you need access to SuperOffice CRM Script (for example if you want to trigger on SuperOffice events, the SuperOffice Expander Services license is required). Please contact your SuperOffice partner regarding this license.
To check if you have the SuperOffice Expander Services license

  1. In SuperOffice click in the top right corner the hamburger menu
  2. Select Settings & Maintenance
  3. Click Licenses
  4. Click the tab SUPEROFFICE
  5. Check if you see the SuperOffice Expander Services with a checkmark

Configure the Nebula DataBridge Trigger

  1. Login into SuperOffice CRM Online
  2. Login into Nebula DataBridge, by clicking the red SuperOffice Button, login at: https://my-databridge.infobridgeuniverse.com/Account/Login
  3. Click Create New Profile
  4. In the name field enter: T - Company Card Change
  5. Choose in the drop down 'Location' SuperOffice CRM Online
  6. Choose in the drop down 'Destination' Text File (CSV)
  7. Choose in the drop down 'Store' Dropbox
  8. Click Next, the wizard screen is presented with six steps
  9. In step 1 (configure profile), click Connect to authorise Dropbox access
  10. Click Next
  11. In step 2 (configure source), in the SuperOffice selection field type the name of the empty SuperOffice selection: * DB - Template | Company (see prerequisites)
  12. The default fields of the SuperOffice company card are selected, if any other fields are required, start typing the field in the 'Customize fields', for a list of available fields, see fields
  13. In the section 'Advanced Settings SuperOffice CRM Online (optional) click Show Settings for more information on the advanced settings see this article
  14. Choose in the drop down 'Language code' US
  15. Click Next
  16. In step 3 (transformations), transformations on fields can be setup, see transformations, but in this case we skip this step, click Next
  17. In step 4 (destination settings), the part of naming the file will be skipped since this will be handled by the SuperOffice CRM script
  18. Choose in the drop down 'Delimited' Tab
  19. Click Next
  20. In step 5 (Profile settings), click the large button Triggered
  21. Set the option 'Instant job enabled' to Yes
  22. Select the complete URL web address of the instant job and copy this to notepad (we will need this later.
  23. Click Next
  24. In step 6 (summary) review the option you have set
  25. Click Save

Configure the event trigger in SuperOffice

  1. In SuperOffice click in the top right corner the hamburger menu
  2. Select Settings & Maintenance
  3. Click CRM Script
  4. Click the tab Triggers
  5. Click New trigger (script)
  6. In the section 'CRM before save' click Before saving company
  7. Type in the description field: If company category is changed to XX than execute Nebula DataBridge Trigger Always
  8. Enable the script by clicking the X in the circle
  9. Click the black area and remove any text
  10. Paste the sample script 'If company with category xxx is updated, trigger Nebula DataBridge to export company' inside the black area, see https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VTJbIhdbv7ozaxlRMqdnuL1QPGAbob1b
  11. Locate the line with the following code: String triggerCategoryId = "7";
  12. Change the number 7 to your unique database value for the category customer (see prerequisites)
  13. Locate the line with the following code:: http.get("https://trigger-databridge.infobridgeuniverse.com/Instant/Run/745?key=2747fbf9-8052-400d-8d9e-840f467d65ab&ExportFile=Debtor-" + debtornumber +".txt&ContactId=" + id);
  14. Replace the part in red with the URL you have copied in step 22 when configuring the Nebula DataBridge trigger
  15. Click OK
  16. Click in the top right corner the hamburger menu
  17. Select SuperOffice CRM
  18. Click Edit on any company card
  19. Change the category to customer (the one which should trigger the script)
  20. Click Save

The result will be that as soon as the company card in SuperOffice is updated matching the category which is set up in the CRM script the company card with the specified fields in the DataBridge trigger will create a file on Dropbox which can be processed by the back-office system.

Extending the idea

This how-to article describes the use of an event trigger when something occurs on the company card. Event triggers can be added on several entities in SuperOffice, including events on contact persons, activities, projects, sales and quote.


This video shows you how to create the instant export as we have just described.
Note: The video is without audio. This will be added in a later stage.


You have learned to implement a SuperOffice trigger in combination with an event trigger in Nebula DataBridge making it possible to instantly push out changes from SuperOffice to any back-office system.

 Please note: All scripts in this article are for educational purposes only and can be used in the context of this article, InfoBridge cannot support your custom made SuperOffice CRM scripts. Please contact your local SuperOffice partner to assist you with SuperOffice CRM script.