Send daily updated company cards to the back office system

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In certain business cases, it is required to send updated company cards to the back office system based on a regular interval.

In this how-to article we will describe the steps to setup Nebula DataBridge to send daily changed company cards to the back office system, based on a dynamic SuperOffice selection.

Intended Audience

This article is intended for persons who are familiar with SuperOffice CRM, and have SuperOffice Admin rights.


The following prerequisites are required before you follow the steps below.

  1. A (demo) subscription of Nebula DataBridge, to sign-up, follow this
  2. A SuperOffice CRM login name with administrator rights
  3. A cloud storage provider, like Dropbox, Microsoft One-Drive, Google Drive or an FTP server.

Setup dynamic SuperOffice selection

  1. Login into SuperOffice CRM Online
  2. Click Selection
  3. Click New
  4. In the selection name type: DB - Updated Companies
  5. Select in the drop down 'Selection of:' Companies/Contacts
  6. Select in the drop down 'Selection is:' Dynamic
  7. Click Save
  8. Click + Add to add criteria to the selection
  9. Select in the drop down 'Field:' Company and the field Updated
  10. Select as criteria Today
  11. Click OK

Setup Nebula DataBridge

  1. Login into Nebula DataBridge by clicking the red SuperOffice Button. Login at:
  2. Click Create New Profile
  3. In the name field enter: Daily updated companies from SuperOffice
  4. Choose in the drop down 'Location' SuperOffice CRM Online
  5. Choose in the drop down 'Destination' Text File (CSV)
  6. Choose in the drop down 'Store' Dropbox
  7. Click Next, the wizard screen is presented with six steps
  8. In step 1 (configure profile), click Connect to authorise Dropbox access
  9. Click Next
  10. In step 2 (configure source), type the name of the newly created SuperOffice selection in the SuperOffice selection field: DB - Updated Companies
  11. The default fields of the SuperOffice company card are selected, if any other fields are required, start typing the field in the 'Customize fields', for a list of available fields, see fields
  12. In the section 'Advanced Settings SuperOffice CRM Online (optional) click Show Settings for more information on the advanced settings see this article
  13. Choose in the drop down 'Language code' US
  14. Click Next
  15. In step 3 (transformations), transformations on fields can be setup, see transformations, but in this case we skip this step, click Next
  16. In step 4 (destination settings), type the filename: Updated Companies
  17. Choose in the drop down 'Delimited' Tab
  18. Click Next
  19. In step 5 (Profile settings), click the large button Scheduled
  20. Select in the drop down 'When' Daily
  21. Select in the drop down 'Time' 09:00 PM
  22. Set the toggle 'After successful run' to Yes
  23. Set the toggle 'After failed run' to Yes
  24. Enter your email adres in the 'Mail to' field
  25. Click Next
  26. In step 6 (summary) review the option you have set
  27. Click Save

The result will be that every day at 09.00 PM a file with updated companies in SuperOffice will be saved on Dropbox, so the changes can be processed by the back-office system.

Extending the idea

This how-to article describes the use of pushing out daily changes which have been made in SuperOffice for company cards, however this idea can be used on the various entities in SuperOffice like changes which occur on contact persons, activities, projects, sales and quote.


You have learned to implement a way to push out daily changes which occurred in SuperOffice to a back office system.