Create a new panel

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This article describes how to create a new panel in your Nebula Panels account

How to:

  • Login to your Nebula Panels account through:
  • This will bring you to your panels overview where you can create or manage your panels
  • Click the Create a new panel button to get started
  • Give your panel a name
  • Select a panel type from the drop down list (Follow-up Panel, Google map Panel, Sale Panel, Sale History Panel, Document Panel, Birthday Panel, Mailing Panel)
  • Click Next to continue to go to the panel settings, see screenshot below

  • Choose the location where the panel is displayed
  • Indicate if users are allowed to set their own filters
  • Select which method should be used to search the panel, you can enable or disable the filter row; if enabled the filters are shown in the grid. Otherwise filters are displayed with a icon in each column.
  • And set your filters by typing the name of the filter you want to use
  • Click next to continue to the summary of your panel settings
  • Click Back if you want to change something in your settings or
  • Click Save and Publish if your are satisfied
  • Now it is time to Refresh SuperOffice and look at your brand new created panel


How to Configure and search in the panel in SuperOffice

Within the newly created panel you have the option to Configure your filter settings and change your preset filter

To search in your panel use the little icon on the column header