Email does not get archived (or not under the correct comapny)

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Why does my email not get archived, or archived under the wrong contact

How to
This has to do with how the contacts/emailaddresses are displayed in the Outlook mail you are forwarding.
Let me show you in an example of my own email.

This mail from my colleague Jan is the mail I want to archive by forwarding it to the Mailarchiver

As you can see, Jan has no mailaddress next to his name. The next available contact is Pierre van Mever (he does have an emailaddress next to his name)
Now, when I forward it to our mailarchiver this is what happens:
It will archive this mail in the InfoBridge company card, with Pierre as contact and me as associate (see the From address)

Why this emailaddress is sometimes shown and sometimes not has to do with Outlook. Unfortunately there is no good documentation on this subject. 

If I had wanted to archive the mail to Jan anyway I could have added his mailaddress manualy in the forwarded email, in the first line for instance.