How to create a new template in Activity Folders

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Manage Documents Directly within SuperOffice CRM Online.
With Activity Folders, sales and service teams can organize and manage customer-related documents such as proposals, contracts, and sales collateral – then file them automatically to related folders

When using Activity Folders for a project it is handy to generate the needed folder structure automatically. This folder structure can be created in a template.

These templates, folder structures, can be created so that a user can choose the desired folder structure per project. If no templates are available or the required structure is not (yet) created the user can create a folder structure manually also.

How To

How to create a new template in Activity Folders:

The PANEL OVERVIEW screen will open. (A Panel is a tab created in SuperOffice project overview.)
If no panels are created the following screen will appear.

If a panel was created before the following screen will appear with the name of the created panel.

  • To create a (new) template folder structure, click on Manage Panel.
  • Click the Add button in the FOLDER TEMPLATES section.

A new input box will open where you can insert the new template name, e.g. Indoor Construction.

The basic template will be created with only a Root directory.

  • Right mouse click on Root and you are able to add your subdirectories, e.g. Plumbing, Wall Constructions, Electricity, etc.
  • Right mouse click on Electricity and you are able to add subdirectories to this directory too, e.g. 220V and 380V.
  • Right clicking on a folder will also give you the option to rename or delete a folder. You see that the interface is modeled off Windows Explorer and easy to learn.

By default, all created documents for certain project will be added to the Root directory unless document types are known to be in a specific subfolder. The document types are listed in the most right box and you can link these document types via drag and drop to a specific subfolder. Every new document will now follow these rules but a user is always able to reassign a document to another folder. As mentioned before, if a document type is not linked to a folder, the documents will be added to the Root directory.
If you are ready click on save and the template will be available in SuperOffice.

In SuperOffice CRM Online this template is now available in the Activity Folders panel of your projects.

As you can see you can now choose the newly created template or start without a template and create a folder structure yourself.

  • Choose the template and click Select
  • A message will appear telling you that some items were found that are not yet in the correct folder. Meaning that certain documents are not yet archived to the correct folder. 
  • Click OK to do so

See that the folder structure is now in place and the documents from this project have now been archived in the correct folder.