How to create a new Activity Folders panel

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In this article we will show you how to get started in Activity Panels by creating a new panel

How to

  • First go to the administrator page for Activity Folders
  • Log in with the SuperOffice button
  • Click on Create a new Panel
  • Choose a name for your panel
  • Select a Panel type

  • Click Next

This will bring you to the Panel Settings where you can choose how your panel should be displayed.

General Panel Settings

Panel location: Where is this panel shown in SuperOffice CRM Online


Enable filter row settings: When enabled the filters are shown as a row in the grid. Otherwise filters are displayed with an icon in each column.

Configuration rights

User groups: Select which user groups in SuperOffice can edit the folder configuration. Leave empty to allow all groups to edit the configuration.

Owner can configure: When selected only the project owner can edit the folder configuration, unless the owner is in a configured user group.

Folder templates

Available templates: Create and configure your templates to use in your projects, more info