How to setup the Nebula Document viewer

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Written by Support InfoBridge


This article describes the different steps in order to setup the Nebula Document Viewer. 

How to:

If you do not already have a Document Viewer account first go to the Sign Up page on

If you already have done the Sign Up please follow the steps below to setup your Nebula Document Viewer

  1. Login into your SuperOffice Online environment
  2. Login into your Nebula Document Viewer by following this link:
  3. Click the Login button on the top-right corner
  4. You will see a new screen with a red SuperOffice login button, this will bring you to the configure page.
  5. You will see the main screen and a link called ‘Start here to enhance your SuperOffice experience’ (see screenshot below)
  6. Click on the link and this will activate the wizard and will guide you through the steps.


After following the wizard, you will see a green button to refresh SuperOffice. Please click this button. Once the refresh is done you will see the new option in the SuperOffice mini-card, called Document Viewer. This will enable you to view documents directly in SuperOffice without downloading.

Enjoy the use of the Nebula Document Viewer.