Version History - Nebula Activity Folders

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Nebula Activity Folders

Release 32 (11-01-2019)


  • Small UI improvements to make it easier to configure folder mappings


Release 31 (19-12-2018)

New features

  • The name of a folder template can now be edited
  • Added ‘rescan’ and ‘rescan with subfolders’ options in panels for users with access to ‘configure folders’. This will look at all appointments and documents in the folder(s) and move them according to the configuration


  • Resolved issue that caused an error in the panel when using Internet Explorer 11


Release 30 (05-12-2018)



Release 29 (28-11-2018)


  • Added additional billing information on subscription page, more info


  • Resolved an issue that could cause an error for certain onsite endpoint


Release 28 (08-11-2018)


  • Platform update


  • Resolved issue that could cause documents or appointments to end up in the wrong folder when moving them during the initialization of a folder panel


Release 27 (06-11-2018)


  • Backend improvements


Release 26 (25-10-2018)


  • Activity Folders is now available for SuperOffice CRM Onsite (requires 8.2 R01 and higher) More info

Bug fixes

  • Searching on text will now also search in the appointments correctly
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the grid from refreshing after an appointment or document was dropped in a different folder


Release 25 (05-10-2018)


  • Overdue follow-ups are now shown in red
  • Small styling improvements of button bar when resizing
  • Improved explanation when adding folder templates