How to handle multiple phone numbers / emails / web addresses

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In this how-to article we will describe how to handle multiple phone numbers / emails / web addresses when using Nebula DataBridge to import data in SuperOffice.

Intended Audience

This article is intended for persons who are familiar with SuperOffice CRM, and have SuperOffice Admin rights.


The following prerequisites are required before you follow the steps below.

  1. A (demo) subscription of Nebula DataBridge, to sign-up, follow this
  2. A SuperOffice CRM login name with administrator rights
  3. A cloud storage provider, like Dropbox, Microsoft One-Drive, Google Drive or an FTP server for storing the import file. You can also use a local stored file.

Setup Nebula DataBridge

Let's assume we are going to import companies. These companies have multiple phone numbers and email addresses. With Nebula DataBridge it is not possible to import multiple phonenumbers or email addresses in 1 go. For each phonenumber a different import is needed. The idea is to use a copy of the profile with the same profile setup, but with different linked fields for phone numbers, emails, webaddresses.

  1. Login into Nebula DataBridge by clicking the red SuperOffice Button. Login at:
  2. Click Create New Profile
  3. Go through all the steps in the profile wizard. When you are not familiar with this please follow the instructions described in this article (Link naar import company data)
  4. Run the import. With this import the first phone number and email address is imported
  5. Go to the Profile overview and click Manage 
  6. Click on Copy to make a copy of the profile
  7. Click Manage Profile for the copied profile
  8. Go to the Configure Fields page and unlink all the fields for which you want to add a second entry.
  9. Next link the phonenumber field to the second phonenumber in your import file. The same applies to email addresses and web addresses.
  10. In the destination settings use the deduplication settings to decide what to do when a duplicate is found. What you want to achieve is that when a duplicate company is found the new information is added. 
  11. Run the import job

Extending the idea

This how-to article described the use of importing company data in SuperOffice for fields which can hold multiple lines, like phone numbers, emailaddresses, web addresses.
This idea can be used on various entities in SuperOffice.


You have learned to import multiple lines for SuperOffice fields like phone numbers, emailaddresses, web addresses.