Hide sales from users who are no stakeholder

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How to hide sales from users who are no stakeholder

How to

This is possible with special criteria. The trick is that you have to choose the Rule Criteria Target: Sale Entire record.
As Operator use Is the current user not a stakeholder of the sale.

Note: This is only available from version 4.14. If you have an older version please read below how to achieve the same result using a C sharp expression.

In version before 4.14 there is no special criteria you can use. The way to hide the sales in those versions can be achieved by using a C sharp expression like this example below

using InfoBridge.DataDirector.Core;
using InfoBridge.DataDirector.Core.SO;
using SuperOffice.CRM.Cache;
using SuperOffice.CRM.Data;
using SuperOffice.Data;
using SuperOffice.Data.SQL;

public class DefaultExpression : IExpressionCriteria
    public bool EvaluateExpression(int AssociateId, int GroupId, int RecordId, object Value)
        int PersonId = AssociateCache.GetCurrent().GetAssociatePersonId(AssociateId);
        var Q = S.NewSelect();
        var T = TablesInfo.GetSaleStakeholderTableInfo();
        Q.Restriction = T.PersonId.Equal(S.Parameter(PersonId));
        return EqualsHelper.GetCountAsBoolean(ref Q);

This checks if the current associate is a stakeholder of the sale (RecordId), to reverse it (NOT a stakeholder), put a ! right before EqualsHelper.GetCountAsBoolean(ref Q);


Here is an example of how these special operators work for project:

Here is an example of how these special operators work for contact: