Convert from the Domino Synchronizer to Exchange Online Synchronizer

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In case customers want to convert from Domino Synchronizer to Exchange Online Synchronizer please follow these steps. 

Note Our advice is to involve a SuperOffice consultant for this job. 

How to

There is no conversion tool for the Domino Synchronizer to Exchange Online Synchronizer. 

  • Disable the InfoBridge Synchronizer Service
  • Check if all synchronizer processes are deleted via Task Manager. If not kill the running processes by hand.
  • Drop the Domino Synchronizer tables
    How? Open the Windows Command prompt app (CMD)
    At the command prompt start the Notes sync admin with an extra parameter.
    The target line should look like this:
    "C:\Program Files\InfoBridge\Lotus Notes Domino synchronizer\InfoBridge Synchronizer Administrator.exe" /DELETESYNCTABLES
    When starting the admin you get a message asking if the tables should be deleted, say yes.
  • Close the Lotus Notes Domino synchronizer admin screen.
  • Install the Exchange Online Synchronizer
  • Configure the Exchange Online Synchronizer admin

Note Be aware of duplicate appointments and tasks. When previous synchronized appointments and tasks from the Notes calendar have been migrated to Exchange they will be synchronized again on the first run of the Exchange Online Synchronizer. This is because the Synchronizer has no history of any previous synchronized appointments and tasks. These duplicates will appear 30 days in the past and 120 in the future.

You can clean the Outlook calendar beforehand by following this procedure


The Exchange Online Synchronizer uses a different license then the Domino Synchronizer license. You have to cancel the Domino Synchronizer license by sending us an email in which you request the cancellation. Please send the mail to and we'll take care of it. We will also generate a new license for the Exchange Online Synchronizer.