Import or export profiles

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In the DataBridge profile overview you can import a profile that was previously exported for a different customer. 

In the DataBridge profile you can export a profile so you can re-use it for a different customer.

How to


In the Profile overview you can start the import of an existing profile by clicking the Import button at the bottom of the screen. 
Note: When you have reached the maximum number of profiles the import option will be unavailable

In the next screen select the file and click Import

Choose a name for your profile
Select Source to specify how you deliver your data (Upload, Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, One Drive)

Click Save

Your profile has now been imported but is not active yet. There are a few steps to follow to fix this. You will be taken through the Profile wizard to check the accuracy of the pre-filled settings and fill in the possibly missing connection settings.


Exporting a profile is done by clicking the Manage button and next clicking the Export button in the profile. The file will be exported as [Profile Name].ndb