Choose Number and Date format in Export profiles

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When exporting your data from SuperOffice to a Text file (csv) or XML report it is possible to choose the Number and Date format. 


When we export to Excel we convert the date and number to the Excel format date and number.
They are not strings like in txt or csv but numbers.
e.g. the date 14-12-2018 13:00:00 in Excel is 43448,5416666667

With the function "cell properties" Excel can display any date format the user wants.

Resulting in the fact that there is no possibity to transform the date before creating the Excelsheet. You have to manage this in the Excelsheet itself, via the cel properties, before it is handed over to a other systems to import.

How to

Create a new export profile or select and manage an existing Export Profile

In the Destination Settings you can now choose the Number format and the Date format