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The Exchange Online Synchronizer enables two-way synchronization of SuperOffice with the Microsoft Exchange environment.
The Exchange Online Synchronizer will synchronize appointments, contacts, tasks and SuperOffice selections.
For more information about the difference between the Synchronizer products see this article


In the latest versions of Synchronizer, OAuth authentication is used for Exchange Online or Microsoft 365. The administrator will be using the Office 365 Token Authentication Manager to send an invitation to all the users who need to be linked in the Synchronizer. The users can authorize the Synchronizer and as soon as that is done the administrator is allowed to link the user in the Synchronizer. More info

Before you Begin

Before you start with the preparation please read the following knowledge base article about the system requirements for the Exchange Online Synchronizer for SuperOffice.


Registration is done over the internet. Therefore a working internet connection is required.
Please read the following knowledge base article about the registration process.

Time zone settings

Please read the following knowledge base article about the system date and time zone settings that are very crucial for the Exchange Online Synchronizer.

Remote Travel and Satellite

The setup application creates several tables in the SuperOffice CRM central database. The new tables are replicated to Travel or Satellite databases. This means that after the installation the first time when the down files are generated, the down files will hold information about the newly created tables.