Convert users from Basic authentication to OAuth with Ranks

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Microsoft has decommissioned Basic Authentication for EWS. This applies only to the cloud-based Microsoft 365/Exchange Online products; there are no changes to EWS capabilities of on-premise Exchange products , more info

We use the Office 365 Token Authentication Manager to let the users themselves authorize the Synchronizer to their Calendar.

How the Office 365 Token Authentication Manager works is described in this article.

For M365/Exchange Online customers OAuth needs to be used. This means that the linked users will need to be re-linked with the new Office 365 Token Authentication Manager. 

How to

You have the Synchronizer installed with users linked in the User Synchronization Settings. The users are divided into ranks.

When using OAuth, using of ranks is no longer supported, as there is no need for ranks anymore. We have no SyncUser anymore processing sync data for all users. Now each user runs their own Sync process. This means no more throttling.


Please follow these steps to re-link the users:

Stop the Services

  • Stop the InfoBridge Synchronizer Services (There is a service running per rank)
  • Open the properties of all InfoBridge Services and set the Start type to disabled. You can leave 1 service on automatic since we will be using only 1 service in the new version.
  • Open the registry and go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
    Select the InfoBridge Synchronizer Service and open the ImagePath.
    In the Value Data field remove the parameter /S<n>
    Note: Do this for all the services which are installed. 
  • Install the latest version by running the downloaded setup file

Remove the users

  • Download and install the latest Synchronizer from here
  • Start the Synchronizer admin and go to the User Synchronization Settings
  • The linked users need to be removed. Make a note of the options the users have selected (Diary, Task, Contact). When re-linking they should have the same options again.
    Select the users and click the Remove Selected User(s) button.
    NOTE: By removing the users the Synchronization history is also removed. Meaning that as soon as you re-link the users again the synchronizer will sync all appointments, tasks and contacts again, resulting in duplicates.
    This can be avoided by cleaning the calendars first.
  • Clean the calendars. More info

Link users

  • Create an extra shortcut to the Sync admin:
    The Synchronizer admin, program and service need to start in Exchange Token mode. This can be done by adding an extra parameter to the start command of the Synchronizer and the Synchronizer admin shortcut. And to the InfoBridge Service in the register.

    Synchronizer program and Synchronizer admin. The parameter to use is /ET
    The start command in the shortcut properties should look like this:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoBridge\Exchange Online Synchronizer\InfoBridge Synchronizer Administrator.exe" /DC /ET 

    Synchronizer Service
    In the registry go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
    Select the InfoBridge Synchronizer Service and open the ImagePath.
    In the Value Data field add the parameter /ET
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoBridge\Exchange Online Synchronizer\InfoBridge.Synchronizer.Service.exe" /ET
    Note: Do this for only 1 service as we will only make use of 1 service in the new version.
  • Now it is time to link the users again, this needs to be done with the O365 Token Authentication Manager. See this article for all the steps.
  • Now that all users are linked again you are ready to start the Synchronizer service