Some contacts are not synchronized

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Some contacts are not synchronized from SuperOffice to your Outlook contacts

How to

Please use this kb article to try and fix the problem.

When the contact(s) still do not appear in Outlook it might be an issue related to a conversion/ upgrade from your mail system. 

The focus should be on the syncsocontact table in the SuperOffice database.
In a previous case the issue was in the syncsocontact table. There was a record regarding the problem contact (person_id = 16) It had an external_id (syncsocontact_id = 3535) that looked a lot different from all the other, see below:


This record may be deleted.
NOTE: take a backup of the database!!

As soon as you restart the Synchronizer the contact should be added to the table with a new external_id that looked like the other, and he should also be visible now in the users Outlook contacts.