How to create an extra Synchronizer service

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In some cases it is needed to create more than one Synchronizer service. To devide the load, in case you have multiple Exchange environments or when you have an hybrid environment (Exchange and O365).

How to

There are a couple of options to create the extra service(s)

Install extra service batch file

To create an extra synchronizer service you have to copy the file Install extra service from the Exchange Synchronizer\Prerequisites folder into the Exchange Synchronizer folder. From here you can run the file to create the extra service.

In case you get an Unauthorized Access Exception while executing the batch file there is a rights issue. This can be solved easily by running the file Install extra service as an administrator.

Command prompt

Use this command in a command prompt (run as admin) to create an extra Synchronizer service.

sc create "InfoBridge Synchronizer 2" binpath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoBridge\Exchange Online Synchronizer\InfoBridge.Synchronizer.Service.exe" DisplayName= "InfoBridge Synchronizer Serverrank 2" start= auto

NOTE If you need to create a 3rd service please change the "infobridge synchronizer 2" to "infobridge synchronizer 3" 
Also change "InfoBridge Synchronizer Serverrank 2" to"InfoBridge Synchronizer Serverrank 3"


You could also create a new service entry through the registry. The path is “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\InfoBridge Synchronizer”

NOTE See this article on how to synchronizer with multiple ranks