How to perform a conversion from the V2 sync to the Exchange Online Synchronizer (EWS)

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It's possible to convert / upgrade the Exchange Synchronizer V2 to the new Exchange Online Synchronizer (EWS). This has many advantages, as the new Synchronizer does not rely on MAPI anymore, but the much more stable Exchange Web Services communication (more information).

But before you try to convert the synchronizer, please check the System Requirements, to see if your environment complies.

System Requirements Exchange Online Synchronizer (EWS)

If your environment complies with the requirements, please proceed with the guide.

How to:

Check the attachments below for the conversion manual, explaining all the steps needed to convert the V2 Synchronizer to the Online Synchronizer (EWS).

In short:

  • Install the Exchange Online Synchronizer next to the Exchange synchronizer V2 (download here, click on Resources tab)
  • Configure Exchange Web Services (See attached Preparation Manual Exchange Online Synchronizer)
  • Create backups
  • Stop the v2 Synchronizer

The next 4 steps are done with the converter tool (see attached manual for more details)

  • Create a local copy of the Synchronizer tables using the converter
  • Connect to Exchange using EWS
  • Convert local copy
  • Write local converted copy back to SuperOffice Database

If the conversion has completed succesfully, continue with the last steps. If problems arise, send us a email with a detailed problem description.

  • Remove v2 synchronizer
  • Perform regular Exchange Online Synchronizer configuration
  • Fill in this online form so we are able to convert your license