How to grant rights on G Suite environment

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When the Google Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM is used on a G Suite environment rights have to be granted on the domain. This will allow the Synchronizer to access the contacts, tasks and appointments of the linked users without the need of the credentials of each user.

Note It is also possible to manage the authentication per user. This is done in the Synchronizer Admin - User Synchronization Settings with the help of the Google Token Authentication Manager. More information on this can be found in the Configuration Document or in this article

How to

Please ensure you are a G Suite Administrator.

  • Log in to the Management Console on
  • Go to the "Manage third party OAuth Client access" screen in Security > Advanced, or go directly to:
  • Add the Synchronizer API key:
    • Client Name:
  • Add the Synchronizer API Scopes:
    • API Scopes:,,

This will give the Synchronizer access to Contacts, Appointments and Tasks

If the screen looks like the picture below, then you have granted the rights correctly.