How to Synchronize SuperOffice Selection Members

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When using the Outlook/Exchange Synchronizer, you might use the functionality to sync Contacts from SuperOffice to Outlook. Only one-way sync is possible for Contacts, more info. The reason behind it: Contacts are a very important entity in SuperOffice and a deletion from Outlook would have disastrous effects on the SuperOffice side.

Note: if you have a "Lite edition" Synchronizer, this feature will be disabled.

How to:

First of all you have to create a new Selection Type in the SuperOffice Admin

  • Start SuperOffice Admin
  • Select Lists - Type (Selection)
  • Create a new List Item (e.g. Outlook Selection)
  • Click OK



Next you have to setup the Synchronizer admin:

  • Start the Synchronizer Admin
  • Select the SuperOffice CRM Settings panel
  • Tick the checkbox "Synchronize SuperOffice CRM Selections"
  • Select the Selection Type which you created in the SO Admin (e.g. Outlook Selection)
  • Click: Apply this setting for All the Users (or Selected Users)

Last job to do is to create a new SuperOffice selection and add members. The SO Selection requires to following conditions:

  • Category needs to be the Selection Type which you created in the So Admin (e.g. Outlook Selection)
  • The Selection needs to be Static
  • You need to be set as the owner of the selection
  • The selection should be visable for you only

As soon as you have created the selection, the contacts will be synced to your Outlook.