User Synchronization Settings

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User Synchronization Settings

In this panel you can link the users that must be synchronized.

NOTE: When you are using the Synchronizer with OAuth authentication you have to link the users by using the O365 Token Authentication Manager


User Synchronization Settings options  
Auto Link User When this option is used, the SuperOffice users will be automatically linked with the Exchange mailboxes. To use this option, click the button ‘Load External Users’ first so the list of available mailboxes is populated. Select the SuperOffice associates and click the button ‘Auto Link Users’.
NOTE The automatic linking will only work when the email address is available in SuperOffice on the contact person card; the primary entered email addresses has to match with the email address in Exchange
Link User When this option is used, linking can be done for individual users. To use this option, click the button ‘Load External Users’ first so the list of available mailboxes is populated. Select the SuperOffice associate and select the appropriate mailbox and click the button ‘Link User
Load External Users Click this button to load the users from Exchange
Options Diary, Task, Contact By selecting or unselecting one of these options, the synchronization options can be set for the synchronization users
Server Rank With this option you can apply a certain group number to a group of users. This option should be used when you have many synchronizer users or if you are using multiple external mail systems. You can divide them over more than one service to divide the load.
More info on ranks:
Save Added Users

Use this option to save added users to the synchronization list

NOTE Adding users with the button ‘Auto Link Users’ and the ‘Link User’ button, only adds the synchronization users to the list. They are not automatically saved until you press the ‘Save Added users’ button!

Save Users Options

When selecting users from the list you can change the synchronization options like diary, task or contact, Click the ‘Save Users Options’ button to save the settings

TIP If you want to temporarily disable a user for synchronization, but you do not want to delete the user, because you would lose the synchronization history, select the user from the synchronization user list and uncheck all the synchronization options and click the ‘Save Users Option’ button

Remove Selected Users

When one or multiple users are selected in the list ‘Linked Users for Synchronization’ you can remove users from the synchronization list.
Deleting users will clear the history table for the selected users; therefore the synchronization history is lost.
WARNING When saved users are removed and re-added again, duplicate appointments, tasks and contacts will occur