Install DataDirector without a SuperOffice client

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The tool that prevents unauthorized access to your SuperOffice CRM data.

InfoBridge DataDirector enables the possibility to define roles and rights for each individual user that uses SuperOffice for Windows, SuperOffice Web or any client that is based on SuperOffice NetServer technology.

Rights are synchronized to (Remote) Travel users and Satellites and can be configured from the central database.

Before you Begin

System requirements

Before you start with the installation please read the following knowledge base article about the system requirements for DataDirector for SuperOffice.

Product Registration

Registration is done over the internet. Therefore a working internet connection is required.
Please read the following knowledge base article about the registration process.

Installing the DataDirector

To install InfoBridge DataDirector, run the corresponding installation application and follow the directions given by the installer.

If you are upgrading from an older version of DataDirector please read the following knowledgebase article:

The DataDirector installer consists of two features which can be installed.

  1. DataDirector Admin.
  2. DataDirector Client.

NOTE Because of the system right on the server it's wise to install DataDirector for Web into a sub folder within the Netserver virtual directory.

NOTE You have to install all the components on the server when you are using SuperOffice WEB.

Configuring DataDirector

The configuring of DataDirector consists out of editing two config files.

  1. InfoBridge.DataDirector.Admin.exe.config. This file can be found in the installation folder of DataDirector, default C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoBridge\DataDirector
  2. Web.config. This SuperOffice Web configuration file can be found in the SuperOffice Web installation folder, e.g.: C:\Program Files\SuperOffice\SuperOffice SM Web\SuperOffice

Edit the InfoBridge.DataDirector.Admin.exe.config

You can open the file in Notepad. After installation it will look like this example below


This files needs to be changed, only for the fields which are marked yellow.

Below is an example of the config file after changing the values for your SuperOffice specific values


Edit the Web.config

To be able to use DataDirector in a SuperOffice Web environment, the web.config must be modified with an extra entry pointing to the DataDirector Sentry DLL file.

In the Factory Dynamic Load section the entry should be entered. See example below.

<add key="SentryPlugin" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoBridge\DataDirector\InfoBridge.DataDirector.Sentries.NS.dll" />


Create the DataDirector tables

The first time you start the DataDirector admin the DataDirector tables need to be created. When starting the DataDirector admin you will be prompted with a message that the DataDirector tables cannot be found in the SuperOffice database.
Click OK to create the tables using the Table setup.


Connection Details: Fill in the connection details and click Connect

I Agree: The “I Agree” button will become visable when the connection is succesful

Create/Delete Tables: After Agreeing you can create or delete the DataDirector tables

You can now login into the DataDirector Admin and start creating Roles and Rules.
For more information please see the DataDirector User Manual, see attached