SuperOffice Invites introduction

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SuperOffice invites

SuperOffice introduces the SuperOffice invites. It is one of the most requested features and it enables the user to send out invites to participants which will be recognized by the external mail systems like Outlook and Google, the invites can be accepted just like regular Outlook or Google invitations.

For customers using the Synchronizer, there is a complication to using invitations and that is that it would lead to duplicates because both Outlook and SuperOffice will create appointments and both will be synchronized as individual appointments by the Synchronizer.

Together with Superoffice, we have created a new version of the Synchronizer which can cope with the invitations and within SuperOffice there is a safety mechanism in place to safeguard the users from getting duplicates or out of sync appointments.

Diary Synchronizer Active

In the Settings & Maintenance menu, there is a new option build in called Diary Synchronizer Active. When the invite system was used before the Synchronizer was installed this option makes sure that the Synchronizer does not Synchronize the already created invitations. These appointments will be marked, see also this article

When the option is on and you create a new invitation this will be synchronized just like a normal appointment. So the Synchronizer will take care of the appointment ending up in Outlook/Google or SuperOffice.

New customers

When the Synchronizer is installed and the invites system is used please make sure you turn on the Diary Synchronizer Active to Yes

Please see our SuperOffice invites section for more information.


When this option is set to No you will receive a warning upon logging into the Synchronizer


Existing Synchronizer customers

When the customer installs SuperOffice version (8.5 R10 or higher) the SuperOffice installer checks if the on-premise synchronizer is being used, if this is the case the option Diary Synchronizer Active is turned on automatically. If the customer wants to use the new SuperOffice invite functionality the on-premise synchronizer version (version 3.2.284 and higher) needs to be installed.