Google Synchronizer Personal not compatible with SuperOffice 9

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In SuperOffice 9 the Google Synchronizer Personal will no longer be supported. 

The latest SuperOffice version which can be used with the Google Synchronizer Personal is SO 8.5 R15, see also our Checklists and the System Requirements

The reason Google Synchronizer Personal is not compatible in SuperOffice 9 is that the Google Synchronizer Personal needs a SuperOffice Windows client installed and SuperOffice 9 does not provide for this.

When you want to upgrade to SuperOffice 9 and you still want to use the Synchronizer to keep your SuperOffice and Google calendar in sync the only option is to convert to the Google Synchronizer. This server based synchronizer is able to run without the SuperOffice Windows client.

Please contact us at support if you need more information about this option.