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Google Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM

Google Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM (Personal Edition)

Version 3.2.265 (15-08-2019)

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the Next activity Date in Sales did not update correct after a sale activity was updated in Google and synchronized back to SuperOffice
  • Resolved an issue where the Synchronizer gave an "invalid username or password" error when logging in using the SuperOffice 8.5 Com part.

New feature

  • External subject lines now have the option to add Sale Name to the external subject line fields. See the Synchronizer admin > SuperOffice CRM Settings > External subject line
  • An extra option is created in the Synchronizer Admin to delete retired contacts from your Google contact list. See the Synchronizer admin > SuperOffice CRM Settings > Delete retired contacts


  • Changed some labels in the connection setup screen (used when you don't use SO-com to login) to make it more clear which data needs to be filled in

Version 3.2.263 - 3.2.264

  • Internal optimization

 Version 3.2.262 (15-05-2019)

  • The Synchronizer is updated to be able to run without a SuperOffice Win client, more info
    NOTE: Only available for SuperOffice 8.3 R1 and higher
    NOTE: This only applies for the Google Synchronizer. The Google Synchronizer Personal still requires a SuperOffice Win client

Version 3.2.242-3.2.261

  • Internal optimization

Version 3.2.241 (16-07-2018)

  • Added support for new SuperOffice soft-delete functionality

Version 3.2.230 (20-03-2018)

  • Fixed an issue with Oracle databases

Version 3.2.214 (20-11-2017)


  • Some references on .NET were not valid. This could cause a MAPI dependencies error

Version 3.2.210 - 3.2.213

  • Internal Optimization 

Version 3.2.209

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.208


  • Updated Synchronizer Administrator interface to look more like SuperOffice 8
  • This version is compatible with SuperOffice 8.1
    Note: Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are no longer supported, more info
  • Added option to make pending (not accepted) meeting invites from SuperOffice private in Google, more info


  • Fixed an issue with the changed Google Authentication

Version 3.2.185 - 3.2.207

  • Internal Optimization 

Version 3.2.184 (24-08-2016)

  • The Test Authentication button in the Technical Settings could show a message about the browser not being supported anymore, even though you have a up to date version of Chrome or IE. This is now fixed by forcing the latest version of IE explorer through the registry.

Version 3.2.176 - 3.2.183 

  • Internal optimization

Version 3.2.175 (29-03-2016)

  • Access token will be refreshed when a violation exception occurs on synchronizing contacts.
    Error message in the logfile looks like this: Unable to add contact: System.Net.ProtocolViolationException: you must specify either Content Length on a natural number or SendChunked to "true"

Version 3.2.174 (15-03-2016)

  • A new option to re-authenticate the linked user.
    The Google Synchronizer looses the authentication when the Google password is changed.
    Re-authentication can be done from the Synchronizer admin - User Synchronization settings. Select the user(s) and click the re-authentication button. This will send out an e-mail to the user(s)

    Note: Because this is the second time you authorize the Google Synchronizer you will see that the Google Synchronizer wants Offline access.

Version 3.2.164 - 3.2.173

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.163 (16-06-2015)


  • Incorporated Admin SDK for Google, which solves an authentication failure in the Sync Admin when trying to load external users (due to discontinuation of Profiles SDK)

Version 3.2.161 (26-03-2015)

  • SuperOffice users on version 7 or 7.1 could receive a 'ActiveErpLinks' error. This backwards compatibility issue is now resolved

Version 3.2.160 (17-02-2015)

  • Subject line of a synchronized Google Calendar appointment remains intact after changing the date/time in SO

Version 3.2.150 - 3.2.159

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.149 (19-09-2014)

  • The way default popup reminders work in Google Calendar was adjusted.

Version 3.2.131 - 3.2.148

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.130 (09-01-2014)

  • New: The Google Token Authentication Maneger is introduced (More information).

Version 3.2.124 - 3.2.129

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.123

  • Fix for an issue when linking user in /GP (regular Google account) mode.

Version 3.2.122

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.121

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.120

  • Contact name update

**Previous versions released as Beta Versions**